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Pre Wedding Shoots

Many people feel nervous at the prospect of being in front of a camera, I can understand that I would much rather be behind the lens than in front of it,  but there is really nothing to worry about. Pre wedding shoots can be a great opportunity to get to know each other a bit more, to let you see how I work and put your mind at ease that it is all actually very painless.  I suggest that you choose somewhere that means something to you, a favourite place to visit, the site of your first date or proposal, or somewhere that has artiecture or scenery that you love. It is a great chance to get some photographs of you that aren’t in your wedding attire, you can go places that you wouldn’t dream of going in your wedding dress like up muddy hillsides or on to the beach.

Wherever you decide is right for you I will talk you through the process, give you advice on what to wear and what to expect.  We always start by meeting for a coffee so I can hear all about how your plans are progressing before heading out to capture a range of images.

The  images can make great gifts for your parents or you could incorporate them into a guest book or signing frame for the wedding.