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How cool is Jack’s blanket, I love it when clients bring things to personalise there session.  Thanks forletting me a have some lovely cuddles with Jack, Stewart & Laura, he is cute I didn’t want to give him back.  Although I am worried I am losing my touch as I couldn’t get him to sleep for more than a few mins for some sleepy shots. Here are some of my favourites.

Sledging fun

So we finally made it out to the snow, this was Daniel’s first proper sledging experience and he loved it. So great to have some time chilling out (literly!) with Paul and the kids.  Paul got to recapture some of his youth as we went to his favourite sledging spot from when he was young.  Hope you all get to enjoy some fun in the snow too while is lasts.

Maclean Family

I had a great morning stroll around Crammond with this lovely family.  We played on the beach, climbed rocks and kicked leaves in the park.  I love working on location, especailly when we get beautiful autumn days like these.  It is great to watch the kids expolring and having fun.  The beach is a regular hangout for these guys so it is lovely to capture them in one of their favourite places.

The Rosenfelds

Last Sunday was the day for my yearly trip to see meet The Rosenfeld family. We decided to visit Muiravonside Country Park, which was a fab setting. It is fair to say that our session could have gone better, between wet feet, nappy changes, wet dogs and a bit of a diva moment about all the walking (not from me I hasten to add!) but none the less we all had a great time and got some lovely images to add to my growing collection of this lovely family.

Georgia, thank you for my lovely cuddles, it is such a shame I only get to hang out with you once a year.

Harry & Charlie

These boys are full of energy and soo much fun.  They are cheeky little monkeys who love playing soliders, sliding down the stairs and jumping on the bed.  I photographed their parents wedding back in 2003 and over the years Debbie has become a good friend.  It was great to get some up to date photographs of the boys, it is always lovely to see how much they have changesd since the last time.  Charlie loves his big brother so much, I like the ones of them on the back of the sofa, Harry was trying to have a quiet moment but Charlie just wanted to be with his big brother, it was a lovely moment between them.

Here are a few of my favourites from our morning of mischeif.