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You have no idea how many times I have started this post, I just can’t seem to find the right words to tell you this story, so I am going to use someone else’s.

“Alex is a beautiful, happy, energetic, little boy who loves Buzz Lightyear, the Gruffalo, Lego, playing in his garden and having fun with his little brother, Luke, just like most other 3 year olds.

But Alex isn’t like most other 3 year olds – in June 2010, aged 20 months, Alex was diagnosed with the aggressive childhood cancer, Neuroblastoma (Stage 4) and he has been battling this awful disease ever since. After just over a year of treatment,  and despite having responded well to all of that, his end of treatment scans in June 2011 revealed a new tumour, which meant the devastating news that he’d relapsed just weeks after completing the treatment protocol.

As a result, a cure for Alex is now a very unlikely outcome and treatment options in this country are limited. Alex has been undergoing further chemotherapy at RHSC Edinburgh since June.  He finished another course of radiotherapy just before Christmas and he is currently (for the second time) having high dose chemotherapy”

This is just a brief overview, You can read his full story here.

I spent a few fun filled hours with this amazing family on a beautiful, bright (although very windy and chilly!) winter day.  We climbed Blackford Hill then had great fun exploring around Blackford Pond, feeding the ducks (well with what bread was left after Luke had tried to eat it all) carrying huge sticks and searching in the trees.

These boys are brilliant, they had a great time running around and laughing together. It was such a privilage to capture some great shots of the boys together whilst Alex was well, before starting the next stage in his treatment. Don’t you just love their hats!

I am delighted to be attending and capturing some photographs at “Sparkle for Alex”  It is set to be a fabulous evening. Dress is black tie – with a touch of sparkle! with the aim of raising vital funds for further treatment for Alex. It is on Friday 23rd March at The Edinburgh Corn Exchange and there are still tickets available.

There are some really amazing raffle prizes, if you are interested in buying some ticket then contact me or the “Sparkle for Alex Team”.  If you would like to make a donation to the charity then you can do so here.

To do my bit I will be donating the session fee from any portrait sessions booked in April that quote “sparkle” when booking.  The sessions can take place anytime in 2012 and be on location or in the studio.  Contact me for more information or check out my galleries.

Alex, Luke, Sarah & Chris, you are amazing, thank you for allowing me to spend some time with you.  My thoughts are with you all at this really difficult time.